Barbuta Helmet

Barbuta Helmet

The Barbuta Helmet, a variant of the classic barbute, is a simple but effective helmet that saw much use throughout the middle ages, being a favored helmet up until the end of the 15th century. It is distinctive thanks to its classical Greek design. Like a classic barbute helmet, this helm is a simple, visorless helmet that extends down to cover and protect both sides of the face. This barbuta helmet features a wider facial opening, which allows for relatively unobstructed vision while providing ample protection. A low-ridged crest adorns the top of the helmet, which serves to strengthen the helmet without increasing its weight. The interior of the helmet features a leather lining with an attached, adjustable leather chin strap and buckle, which ensures that the helmet sits firmly and doesn't move when worn. The helmet features an attractive shiny metal finish, which gives the helmet a gleaming look that would accent any 'knight in shining armour' look quite nicely indeed. When you want the perfect medium between head protection and unobstructed visibility, then you want this Barbuta Helmet, whose wide opening will allow you to see almost anything coming your way.

Key Features:
Shiny Metal Finish
A Classic Helmet, Used for Centuries
Wide, Open T-Shaped Opening
Completely Padded and Lined
Has an Adjustable Leather Chin Strap

Medium: Fits a 23 to 26 inch head circumference
Large: Fits a 24 to 28 inch head circumference



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