LARP Blood Capsules - 10pcs
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LARP Blood Capsules - 10pcs

Little bits of blood sometimes make a costume or a scene all the more real. And for the LARPer who wants things to look really authentic, nothing beats packing a few of these Blood Capsules away in your pack, to use whenever you want or need. The capsules are filled with a gelatin based blood formula that is highly sensitive to moisture and serves to create a realistic blood stain when broke. They are also non-toxic, so they can be used in the mouth or around sensitive areas without fear. Because of their sensitivity to moisture, it is recommended that when used in the mouth, you keep them stored between your cheek and upper jaw, and break the capsule the instant you wish to use it. To wash away the blood from these Blood Capsules, simply use warm water and soap.

Key Features:
  • Pack contains 10 individual blood capsules
  • Capsules contain a gelatin-based powder for making realistic blood
  • Completely non-toxic and safe for use in the mouth
  • Capsules and contents are safe for swallowing (although not recommended)
  • Blood washes way with warm water and soap
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