Brown Were-Rat Mask
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Brown Were-Rat Mask

Lycanthropy does not just turn people into wolf-monsters. Sometimes, it turns them into other animal hybrids too. Among those fearsome and frightening creatures is the were-rat...which you, yourself, can become, by putting on this Brown Were-Rat Mask! Monstrous in its overall design, this latex mask gives the wearer the bestial shape of an overgrown and feral looking whose size makes it far more monstrous than other rat thus far seen by mortal eyes. The mask is incredibly detailed, featuring heavily wrinkled skin that is shaded brown, to give it the proper mousy coloration. Broad ears adorn the side of the skull, while pink cuts and scars can be seen across the masks features, including one on the ear, one above the right eye, and one below the left eye. The masks mouth is subtly hinged for ease of movement, while also showing off a row of jagged, yellow-stained rat-fangs that look like they could deliver a truly painful - and likely life-changing - bite. Attached to the mask is a black mesh sleeve, which makes the mask more comfortable to wear, and also acts as shade and shadowing for the neck and collar, allowing the mask to blend easier with almost any look you might wear it with. The mask itself is made entirely from fine latex, and it comes in only one size, which fits a head measurement of 57-59 centimeters (those who push closer to the 58-59 centimeter mark will find the mask to be a bit snug, but not uncomfortably so). Wild and monstrous, this Brown Were-Rat Mask is the perfect addition to any costume that demands something distinctive and disturbing, and it also makes for a great LARP accessory, if you feel like making your foes face the wily skills of a real were-rat.

Key Features: Made from High Quality Latex Features an Amazing Level of Detail Mask Has Open Mouth and Fitted Features, so it Moves with you Designed for Use in LARPing and Costuming Has a Surreal, Rat-Like Shape with Monstrous Features Makes It Easy to Transform Into a Rat-Faced Beast or Monster

Sizing: Fits a Head Circumference Up to 57-59 centimeters Alternatively, fits a head circumference of about 22.2 to 23.2 inches

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