Dragon King Greaves
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Dragon King Greaves

The spiky scales of a dragon are sure to make a statement as a part of your armored appearance. These Dragon King Greaves are made entirely from leather that is three-dimensionally shaped to resemble the jagged detail of the iconic dragon scale. They consists of three rows of broad, raised scales that are crafted from medium weight leather and are affixed to a thicker 13/15 oz. leather backing to ensure that they not only look wicked but also provide solid protection. They are also offered in a wide variety of different color options, to ensure that they match your look and your ensemble with ease. The greaves are sold as a pair and are secured with three buckles and straps. Highly adjustable and highly defensible, these Dragon King Greaves are a defensive masterpiece that will leave your opponents wondering where you got the dragon scales needed to make your armor!

A Note About Color: We use silver and brass colored hardware. Please see below for the default list of which colors come with what hardware. Of course if you wish to make a special request, let us know when ordering and we will be happy to switch the hardware for you!

Key Features: Hand crafted from top quality leather Made right here in the USA 3-D design features raised scales on its surface 13/15 oz. leather makes the greaves highly defensive Sold as a pair Greaves buckle closed in the back for an adjustable fit Perfect for LARP, SCA, reenactments, theater, and more

Measurements: Length: 15 inches Width (Lower Leg): 7.5 inches Width (Upper Leg): 10.5 inches