Goblinoid Trophy Mask
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Goblinoid Trophy Mask

Some of the more feral and tribal cultures are prone to taking trophies from each kill they make. Orcs, goblins, wild elves, and even humans have done it. And now, in your LARP setting, you can too with this frightening looking Goblinoid Trophy Mask! The mask is crafted entirely in latex and it comes with knotted leather cords and a metal ring, allowing it to be easily worn at the belt or over the face. The green skin tone combined with the pointed nose and small face makes this skin-mask easily identifiable as a goblin. The back of the mask is colored crimson to give it a recently created look as well. It is a touch of horror that well-serves any dark LARP theme that seeks to bring a bit of wild fear and sinister style to the field of battle.

Key Features:
  • Crafted entirely in quality latex
  • Features hollow eyes and an open mouth
  • Includes attached leather cords for easy wearing or carrying
  • Depicts the iconic face of the fantasy inspired goblin
  • Has a bloody red backing for a freshly taken appearance
  • A great character prop for bounty hunters and tribal characters
  • Perfect for horror LARPs and gritty dark battle settings
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