Green Feral Orc Mask
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Green Feral Orc Mask

Both goblins and orcs are highly iconic and well-known fantasy races...and this Green Feral Orc Mask merges the features of the two into an amalgam that, when worn, will transform you into a savage fantasy creature that will send humans running in fear. Mottled, dark green skin is one of the most immediate features that are visible on this mask, but by no means is the skin color the most striking feature. That honor belongs to the general structure of the masks face. Almost ape-like in its shaping, the mask has a powerful structure, one worthy of the wild and feral orc, with a flat nose and sharp, angular cheek bones. A powerful brow gives the mask a hard-edged glare as well, while the wide opened mouth makes this mask permanently give a sort of war-cry. The mask is completely hairless (a feature that can be fixed by simply wearing wig, once the mask is on), and features swept, pointed, goblinoid ears on its sides. The mask is made entirely from fine latex materials, and it is offered in a single size, which fits up to a head circumference of 59-61 centimeters (those who approach the 60-61 centimeter mark will find that the mask is a bit snug, although not uncomfortably so). For those looking to take on a new, monstrous persona in their next LARP game, you can spare yourself the hardship and the hassle of building it from scratch, as this Green Feral Orc Mask allows you to become a monstrous demi-human with all the ease of putting on a mask to hide your more humanoid features entirely.

Key Features: Made from High Quality Latex Features an Amazing Level of Detail Mask Has Open Mouth and Fitted Features, so it Moves with you Designed for Use in LARPing and Costuming Has a Monstrous Expression and a Powerful, Fantasy Born Shape Makes It Easy to Transform Into an Raging Orc Warrior or Fantasy Monster

Sizing: Fits a Head Circumference Up to 59-61 centimeters Alternatively, fits a head circumference of about 23.2 to 24 inches

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