LARP Throwning Knife Holder for 5 Knives
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LARP Throwning Knife Holder for 5 Knives

We offer many different styles of LARP throwing knives and these holders are the perfect way to carry them around. Throwing knives are not included with the holders, they are sold separately. This holder will hold 5 knives, you can mix and match any of our throwing knives with these holders. If you have bought all the same style or a combination of styles, they can all be held together with our LARP throwing knife holder.

The holder is made from two types of leather, the back piece being a supple, yet durable leather and the front piece is suede that is sewn on to create pockets for the knives to rest in. There is leather laces on each of the four corners so you tie the holder to your belt, on to your armour, around your leg or arm. Tap into your inner assasin and get creative with it, your enemy will never see the attack coming!

Key Features: A super low price, great accessory weapon High safety, approved by the top organizations Strong latex coating Round Flexible fiberglass core Strong Kevlar core tip/edge protection Made from durable closed celled foam that does not shred Use our Maintenance Silicone to ensure long life a durability

Measurments: Overall Length: 16.5 Inches Width: 5 Inches



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