LARP Victory Sword Frog
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LARP Victory Sword Frog

This leather sword frog will securely hold your LARP sword, dagger and even some axes at your waist, making drawing your weapon very convenient. The frog slides on to any belts up to 1 3/4 Inches wide and has a 2 diameter so it will hold a variety of weapons. The LARP Victory Sword Frog is available in right hand draw (frog will be on your left side) or left hand draw (frog will be on your right side).

Key Features: Great for LARP and Theater use Fits most LARP swords and daggers Conveniently holds your weapon at your waist Very durable, sewn construction Made from 7/8 oz thick leather

Measurements: Fits Belts up to 1 3/4 Inches Inner Diameter of 2 Inches The Frog it self is 5 Inches long



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