Mother of Dragons Vambraces
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Mother of Dragons Vambraces

In the sea of grass, a wanderer might find themselves at the mercy of a wandering queen without a throne, richly garbed and guarded by a trio of dragons. And on her wrists, accents similar to these Mother of Dragon Vambraces. Inspired by the style of a certain Khaleesi, these vambraces are richly designed, featuring a cut-out pattern that is elegant and appealing - a perfect fit for a queen seeking something more tribal and wild to suit her look. They are hand-crafted right in here in the USA in our shop, and are offered in either regal gold or startling black. The Mother of Dragons Vambraces are offered in one size, and are a perfect way to make yourself look like a regal Khaleesi, fresh from her conquests.

Key Features: Hand-crafted here in the USA, in our shop Made from high quality leather Inspired by the accents of Daenarys Stormborn Leather bracers feature several scale-like cutouts Available in either gold or black Secured with included leather laces Highly adjustable - one size fits most Matches our belt, DK7008

Measurements (when laid flat): Wrist Width: 6.5 inches Forearm Width: 7.5 inches Overall Length: 7 inches