Reginald Leather Arm Bracers

Reginald Leather Arm Bracers

The Reginald Leather Arm Bracers are bracers cut for a warrior; these hand-crafted bracers feature a distinctive shape and form that, when worn, creates a sleek, streamlined look that is as attractive as it is effective. They are absolutely perfect for the warrior who wants a nice, quality pair of leather bracers to adorn his arms, whether theyre for decoration and appearance, or whether they are to be used in actual combator at least recreational combat. The Reginald Leather Arm Bracers are skillfully hand-made of top-quality 13/15 oz leather that is fantastically suited for use in bracers; they are sturdy and strong, yet extremely light. From the subtly curved look that the bracers create when worn to the overlapping leather plates that were used to make it, down even to the leather extension that juts from the back of the bracer: these bracers are nothing if not ridiculously awesome in appearance. And theyre an absolute snap to wear: they feature buckles and leather straps that wrap around the forearm in two places to keep the bracer comfortably fastened and totally secure. Need really cool bracers? It doesnt matter if youre a warrior, a rogue, a thief, an assassin, or anything else; if you need cool bracers, you need our Reginald Leather Arm Bracers.

Key Features: Crafted from top quality 13/15 oz leather Unique style Comfortable, provides a great fit Strap and buckle closure

Sizing: Overall Length: 12.5 Inches Wrist (Width): 6 Inches Forearm (Width): 7 Inches