Roman Camp Warmer with Metal Tray

Roman Camp Warmer with Metal Tray

Nothing quite beats the camaraderie of several fellows gathered around an open flame, sharing stories and warmth as the sun sets and the night gets darker. This Roman Camp Warmer With Metal Tray allows anyone to attempt to create just such an experience. This brazier is modeled after the ancient fixtures that would have been common around a typical Roman military camp, one that would have been stocked with wood and left to burn, providing both heat and light to the legionaries, auxiliaries, and others who called the camp their temporary home. It is a simple yet effective construction, consisting of metal slats that are all arranged in a circular configuration, which helped keep the wood contained, while the bottom has grating, which allows the charcoal and ash to gradually fall out of the actual flames. The grate sits over a metal tray, which makes cleaning up after the fire has burned out incredibly easy (just always make sure that the tray or the warmer itself is cool to the touch before grabbing or picking up). The camp warmer measures approximately 19 inches tall, while the base has a diameter of close to 15 inches. This camp warmer would be a perfect addition to any camper's kit, as well as a great accessory to have around if you're participating or hosting your own Roman reenactment. As a camp fixture, it's hard to beat this Roman Camp Warmer with Metal Tray, if only because it not only keeps the fire centralized, but it also makes cleaning up after the fire has long-burned out quick and easy...and if speed is of the essence, then quick and easy clean-up is exactly what you want. 

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Quality Metal
  • A Fully Functional Camp Warmer
  • Has a Distinctive Roman Style and Look
  • Includes a Metal Tray for Collecting Ash, Refuse, Charcoal, and More
  • Perfect for Camping, Medieval Outings, and Roman Reenactments


  • Height: 19 inches
  • Diameter: 15 inches

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