Roman Soldier Helmet

Roman Soldier Helmet

A soldier is as good as his training and gear, now you can put your trust into the elegant Roman Soldier Helmet. The traditional design of this helm has been rebuilt to offer some modern enhancements for comfort and use. This armor was crafted from quality 18 gauge mild steel to produce a functional item. Utilized by the Roman army this helm has an added internal liner and chin strap for comfort and proper sizing. Shown with a visor style brim, neck flap, and two cheek flaps this piece offers true safety. The brass trim that runs along the bottom of the helm and the brass medallions that are on the flaps enhance the look of this ancient inspired armor. The design of the Roman Soldier Helmet offers a true balance between function and comfort, so honorably march into war with this wonderful replica.

Key Features:
Based on the Imperial helms of ancient Rome
Crafted from 18 gauge mild steel
Has visor brim, neck, and cheek flaps
Features golden trim and accents
Great for LARPing and reenactments

One Size fits most
Circumference: 22 to 23 Inches



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