Square Leather Bag
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  • 101681 3 square leather bag

Square Leather Bag

Say, perhaps you have something that you want to keep on your person, but you also want to keep it safe, too? How, exactly, do you do that? Well, if you want to preserve a medieval style, you strap this Square Leather Bag to your side, that's how! Don't let the name fool you into thinking this is a slack or limp bag, because it's not! This impressive belt pouch is made from fine leather and made into a stiff form, which makes it a rigid little container that is perfect for holding more delicate items. The pouch features a unique closure, in the form of a leather knot wrapped with a leather lace and pulled tight to keep the lid secure. The back of the leather box features two small straps, which are sized to allow a belt under the length, making this box an easy one to add to your costume, as well as an easy accessory to add when you want a little extra carrying capacity. It is available in either black (which features brown accents) or brown (which features black accents). Either of the Square Leather Bags looks great with just about any look, though, so you really cannot go wrong when you add one of these to your ensemble.

Measurements: Height: 6 inches Width: 6 inches Depth: 3 inches



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