White Eyes Effect Contact Lens

White Eyes Effect Contact Lens

This contact lens style is sold individually (one lens), if you would like a 'pair', you will need to select a quantity of 2.

Aesthetic and cosmetic contact lenses are an easy way to instantly give any character it's own identity. Contact lenses will quickly transform your look from everyday ordinary to something wildly fantasy-like or even something wicked and evil. Use these contacts for any kind of event or occasion whether you are in Theater or Film and need to crate your character, LARP or Halloween to dress your costume up or use them daily if you just like to get a reaction! Please read the following information carefully as it includes proper maintenance, use and storage procedures. Please note that any of the Contact Lenses we sell are used only for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes and will not change the eyesight of the user. All information given here is general and should not be taken as expert advise, Contact Lenses are considered a medical device, you must consult a doctor or physician before using.

Contents of a package:
One sterile soft lens, packed hygienically. Water content: 42% Poly -HEMA : 58 % Base Curve: 8.6mm Diameter: 14.5mm After 90 days replace Meets CE Standards: CE ISO 9001, CE ISO 0120, ISO 13485

Use and maintenance of the Contact Lenses:
You can use these contact lenses as any other type of contact lenses. Please seek advice from your optometrist or ophthalmologist before using any contact lenses. Lack of care and cleaning or improper cleaning of your contact lens will lead to the build-up of protein deposits, other dirt, debris, germs and micro-organisms on your lenses and apart from eye irritation and infection may cause red eye, discomfort, cloudy vision and in severe cases, impaired vision. Always make sure your hands are washed and clean when putting your lenses in and taking them out. With proper care, these lenses have a 90 day shelf life after the sealed package has been opened.

To put the Lens In:
Thoroughly wash and dry your hands, then rinse your lens in solution Place the lens on the tip of your index finger and pull your lower eyelid down with either the middle finger of the same hand Look upwards and softly place the lens on to the lower white of your eyes Remove your index finger and release your lower eyelid Now the lens is in, look down and close your eyes for a few seconds and the lens will center itself

To take the Lens Out:
Put one or two drops of eye drops that are made specifically for the type of contacts you are using, this will moisten the contacts and make them easier to remove Pull down your lower eyelid with your middle finger and look upwards With your index finger, slide the lens down to the white of your eyes Gently squeeze the lens between your index finger and thumb and remove from your eye

Important Things to Know:
Never reuse cleaning solution. Never share your contact lenses with another person. Do not allow soap, chemicals, make-up and other like substances to come in contact with your lens. Make sure your hands are always clean before handling your lenses. Lack of proper cleaning and care can lead to a build up of protein deposits, germs, dirt or other debris. Contact lenses will not last forever. You know your lenses are nearing their end when the lens is discolored, you experience hazy vision and discomfort.

Return & Exchange Info:
Due to the nature of this product Contact Lenses do not fall under our general return/exchange policy. Contact lenses cannot be returned or exchanged if any part of the safety seal is broken in part or in full (this means even a tiny tear will deem them not returnable). There are no warranties on contact lenses or guarantees that they will last the full estimated shelf life. All eligible returns or exchanges of Contact Lenses must be returned with in 10 days from the day of receipt.

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