Wizards Robe
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Wizards Robe

In fantasy, wizards and mages are usually at the apex of their culture - well-educated and well-respected, as well as possessed of great finery. For that reason, this Wizards Robe is one cloak that no mage should be without! Almost impeccable as far as taste is concerned, the robe features full length loose sleeves and a deep hood, with a cloak-like design that drapes across the shoulders. It is made from rich 100 percent cotton velour fabric with a colored trim along the edge and hem. It is designed to hang open, with the front closure sporting four golden-colored buttons and chains. Not just for wielders of magic, though, this Wizards Robe is a rich accent that befits all manner of nobles, lords, ladies, kings, and queens too!

Key Features:
Made in fine 100% cotton velour fabric
Features a colorful trim in polyester
A long, loosely draped cloak with hood and sleeves
Front closure features four buttons with chains
A great accent for a variety of different looks

Sizing: X-Small/Small: N/A at this time Medium/Large: N/A at this time X-Large: N/A at this time



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