Woodland Vine Arm Bracers
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Woodland Vine Arm Bracers

Nature is not without its own defense, and certainly not without its own decorations. And now, with these Woodland Vine Arm Bracers, you can feature both as a part of your look, allowing nature itself to be among your defenses. These impressive bracers offer a unique twist, possessing a brown coloration that is engraved to look like tree bark. Accenting the bark appearance is a sprig of green leaves. The bracers are made right here in our shop, crafted from 7/8 oz. leather. They are a great defense to have in LARP and light reenactment, and the great look of the Woodland Vine Arm Bracers makes them perfect for a variety of nature-inspired and fantasy looks too.

Key Features: Hand-crafted here in the USA, in our shop Made from high quality 7/8 oz. leather Inspired by a natural and fantasy design Has jagged edges and a wooden, bark texture and look Accented with a green leaf sprig Secured with included leather laces Highly adjustable - one size fits most

Measurements (when laid flat): Wrist Width: 7.5 inches Forearm Width: 9 inches Overall Length: 7.5 inches